Secure your business data

Supercharge security, productivity and compliance.

Encrypt Office enables your business to work safer, smarter and more effectively than ever before.

We believe that the security and privacy of your data are not just features, but are now an essential requirement for all businesses.

Is your Office Encrypted? - if not you are leaving your business open to a data breach and potential fines running into millions of dollars.

Protect your business communications 24/7 with the latest security technology that is EASY to deploy and use.

Security and compliance is difficult to get right, with encrypt office it becomes easy with encrypted email, file storage and file sharing.

Encrypted Email

Regular email is insecure by design, Encrypt Office provides completely secure AES 256 encrypted email, if you are sending and receiving confidential material Encrypt Office provides complete peace of mind.

Fast & Secure Large File Transfer

Send and receive files up to 5GB, Encrypt Office provides completely secure AES 256 encrypted file transfer to power your business. We focus on both security and ease of use to provide file transfer that your recipients will love.

Encrypted File Storage

Encrypt Office provides incredibly secure AES 256 Encrypted file storage - we go beyond regular secure file storage solutions with up to 3 factor Authentication, let Encrypt Office take care of your business data security.

Entrpreneur - "Encrypt Office, like the name suggests, provides a complete ring of encryption around all of your business communications"

"It offers encrypted email, encrypted large file transfer, and encrypted vaults with 3-factor authentication for file storage, as well as encrypted file upload pages to securely receive files from anyone with a web browser."

"With that kind of power, you might think Encrypt Office is difficult to implement. It's not. It's a turnkey SaaS solution that takes just a few minutes to install, immediately supercharging your security, productivity, and business compliance. After all, it's not just your data you're protecting, it's your customers' data too."

THE HILL - "Upgrade your business's cybersecurity with Encrypt Office"

"More than ever before, businesses must be able to rely upon successful online tools to ensure they are best equipped for an evolving modern era. From managing employees and projects to protecting crucial data, circumstances also require intensified cybersecurity efforts. With the list of outside threats expanding each day, internal preparation is paramount, but that can quickly become an expensive endeavor. Fortunately, the Encrypt Office Business Plan supplies the peace of mind you are looking for without the overwhelming price tag."

ZDNET - "The Encrypt Office Business Plan will help you take control of your company's data before someone gets to it. "

"Ransomware extortion demands, as well as the downtime they cause, continue to steadily increase. Unsurprisingly, the result is that digital security costs are rising, as well. But there are regulations in place now that make the privacy and security of your data a matter of compliance which means the strongest protection is essential."

Mashable - "Ramp up your business's digital security with Encrypt Office"

"It sounds complex, but Encrypt Office is actually extremely user-friendly. With company branding and cloud integration with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more, you can use the services and styles you know and love — with the added oomph of security."

PCMAG- "Firms looking to get serious about keeping data secure need to address that vulnerability, and Encrypt can help."

"Running the online side of a business is like navigating a minefield, thanks to myriad threats from AI and human hackers. Things have gotten so bad, in fact, that cybersecurity experts are now vital (and often overworked) members of any IT team. And while there's a lot they can do to plug holes in your company's security, they can't do nearly as much to protect your most vulnerable point of attack: employees. Phishing scams and email-borne malware can be a nightmare for businesses of any size, and all it takes is one click by an absent-minded worker to unleash them. Firms looking to get serious about keeping data secure need to address that vulnerability, and Encrypt can help. The Encrypt Office Business Plan helps companies protect data by rethinking the way they communicate online. Staff can still stay connected and share large files internally and with clients, but the difference is all that communication now runs through a secure pipeline that's fully authenticated and encrypted."

TNW - "Encrypt Office is a one-stop hub to protect a modern digital business and their critical data" "

"With their all-inclusive, turnkey service, Encrypt Office erects an unbroken ring of encryption around any and all business communications flowing through your workplace.  Using AES 256 bit encryption with 1,024 bit key-strength, Encrypt Office starts by encrypting all incoming and outgoing email. That also includes fast, secure and fully encrypted file transfers too, cloaking any files up to 5GB in size.  With Encrypt Office, all your file storage is encrypted as well, featuring up to 3 factor authentication to get inside. Members can also take advantage of file upload pages that securely receive files from anyone with a web browser to ensure that nothing malicious finds its way inside your shields. By enacting these all-encompassing security measures, Encrypt Office allows a business to completely supercharge all of their security, productivity, and compliance concerns virtually overnight. Encrypt Office is also versatile, allowing administrators to set their own company policies, all on an easy-to-use, company branded platform that lets customers and clients also know how seriously you take your security. There’s also full auditing capabilities, to track all data interactions and spot trouble before it becomes trouble. "

Key Features

Everything you need to keep your business data safe

You need to exchange data with your clients, customers and business partners. Encrypt Office ensures those communications are encrypted, secure and meet stringent compliance standards.

Data Security

Encrypt Office uses AES 256 bit encryption with 1,024 bit key-strength for data at Rest and FIPS 140-2 compliant TLS encryption for data in transit.

Data Compliance

Encrypt Office protects the sensitive digital assets your business stores and transmits guarding them against loss, theft and misuse .

Full Audit Trail

Encrypt Office provides your business with a full logging audit trail for all data interactions, essential for HIPPA compliance.

Easy to Use

At Encrypt Office we understand that a software solution MUST be easy to use and this is the premise on which the solution was built.

Company Branding

Use your own company branding with Encrypt Office to give an amazing first and lasting impression to your customers and clients.

Retention Policy

Encrypt Office provides a powerful retention policy, allowing administrators to set the policies appropriate to your business.

Cloud Integration

Seamless collaboration with your clients and partners.

Encrypt Office integrates with the cloud solutions you and your clients are already using.

Google Drive

Receive files directly into Google Drive from Encrypt Office.


Receive files directly into Dropbox from Encrypt Office.


Microsoft OneDrive

Receive files directly into Microsoft OneDrive from Encrypt Office.


Receive files directly into Box from Encrypt Office (Beta).