Having witnessed first hand the devastating effects data breaches and cyber extortion can have on a business, its employees and partners we have created a solution to combat these ever growing threats.

Encrypt Office was created by our team of software development and security experts to provide an all encompassing and easy to use hosted solution to protect a businesses most valuable asset, data.

We share a common passion believing that businesses of all sizes must protect all electronic transactions both inside and outside a company.

Encrypt Office provides a “ring of encryption” around all business data protecting it both at rest and in transit with the latest encryption technology.

We believe that this can be accomplished whilst actually increasing the efficiency and productivity of business operations rather than imposing limitations.

Encrypt Office was designed from the ground up to increase productivity AND security providing a fully integrated solution comprising encrypted email, file storage and collaboration tools all of which can be implemented in any business in MINUTES not months.

Based in the UK the team behind Encrypt Office have a huge amount of experience developing cutting edge software solutions.

Our solutions run on the Google Cloud platform chosen for its focus on reliability and security.

We believe that the security and privacy of your data are not just features, but are now an essential requirement for all businesses.

Since launching in 2019 we have experienced rapid growth and have an ever increasing list of happy customers, we hope your business is the next one to be protected by Encrypt Office.

The Encrypt Office Team